Minneapolis City Vision, Values, Goals & Strategic Directions


Minneapolis City Vision, Values, Goals & Strategic Directions

On March 28th, 2014 the Minneapolis City Council adopted the City's vision, values, goals and strategic directions that will guide the City’s work for the next four years. City leaders set new goals every four years, resulting in clear priorities that provide long-term direction and clarify the core function of City government. The adoption of the goals follows a public comment period in February and March when residents were asked to give their feedback on the draft vision, values, goals and strategic directions. Beginning in April, department will use the new four year goals, strategic directions and values to begin crafting their individual business plans.


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Minneapolis City Council


Minneapolis is a growing and vibrant world-class city with a flourishing economy and a pristine environment, where all people are safe, healthy and have equitable opportunities for success and happiness.



We will be a city of… Fair and just opportunities and outcomes for all people.
People feel safe and are safe.
We are focused on the well-being of people and our environment.
Minneapolis is a world class city, proud of its diversity and full of life with amenities and activities.
People are connected with their community, are connected to all parts of the city and can influence government.
While preserving the city's character, more people and businesses lead to a growing and thriving economy.
We work by… Innovating and being creative -- New ideas drive continuous improvement.
Driving toward results -- Our efficient, effective work meets measurable goals for today and tomorrow.
Engaging the community -- All have a voice and are heard.
Valuing employees -- Employees are supported and take pride in public service.
Public Trust
Building public trust -- All have access to services and information. We work in an open, ethical and transparent manner.
Collaborating -- We work better together as one team. We are a valued partner in the community.


Goal 1: Quality of Life

Make Minneapolis safe and livable, with an active and connected way of life


1.1: Neighborhoods

1.2: Housing

1.3: Amenities

1.4: Transportation

1.5: Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Recreation

1.6: Growth

Other Information:

Living well: Minneapolis is safe and livable and has an active and connected way of life

Objective 1.1: Neighborhoods

All neighborhoods are safe, healthy and uniquely inviting.

Objective 1.2: Housing

High-quality, affordable housing choices exist for all ages, incomes and circumstances.

Objective 1.3: Amenities

Neighborhoods have amenities to meet daily needs and live a healthy life.

Objective 1.4: Transportation

High-quality and convenient transportation options connect every corner of the city.

Objective 1.5: Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Recreation

Residents and visitors have ample arts, cultural, entertainment and recreational opportunities.

Objective 1.6: Growth

The city grows with density done well.

Goal 2: Disparities

Eliminate disparities.


2.1: Racial Equality

2.2: Opportunity

2.3: Systems & Policies

2.4: Essential Access

2.5: Information, Representation & Influence

Other Information:

One Minneapolis: Disparities are eliminated so all Minneapolis residents can participate and prosper

Objective 2.1: Racial Equality

Racial inequities (including in housing, education, income and health) are addressed and eliminated.

Objective 2.2: Opportunity

All people, regardless of circumstance, have opportunities for success at every stage of life.

Objective 2.3: Systems & Policies

Equitable systems and policies lead to a high quality of life for all.

Objective 2.4: Essential Access

All people have access to quality essentials, such as housing, education, food, child care and transportation.

Objective 2.5: Information, Representation & Influence

Residents are informed, see themselves represented in City government and have the opportunity to influence decision-making.

Goal 3: Economic Activity & Innovation

Encourage businesses start, move, stay and grow in Minneapolis.




3.1: Regulations, Policies & Programs

3.2: Workforce

3.3: Entrepreneurship & Sectors

3.4: Needs & Opportunities

3.5: Infrastructure, Services & Assets

3.6: Regional Alignment

Other Information:

A hub of economic activity and innovation: Businesses -- big and small -- start, move, stay and grow here

Objective 3.1: Regulations, Policies & Programs

Regulations, policies and programs are efficient and reliable while protecting the public's interests.

Objective 3.2: Workforce

The workforce is diverse, well-educated and equipped with in-demand skills.

Objective 3.3: Entrepreneurship & Sectors

We support entrepreneurship while building on sector (such as arts, green, tourism, health, education and high-tech) strengths.



Objective 3.4: Needs & Opportunities

We focus on areas of greatest need and seize promising opportunities.

Objective 3.5: Infrastructure, Services & Assets

Infrastructure, public services and community assets support businesses and commerce.



Objective 3.6: Regional Alignment

Strategies with our City and regional partners are aligned, leading to economic success.

Goal 4: Spaces & Environment

Ensure that natural and built spaces work together and our environment is protected.


4.1: Environment

4.2: Waste & Energy

4.3: Natural Resources

4.4: Infrastructure

4.5: Streets, Spaces & Buildings

4.6: Growth & Diversity

Other Information:

Great Places: Natural and built spaces work together and our environment is protected.

Objective 4.1: Environment

All Minneapolis residents, visitors and employees have a safe and healthy environment.

Objective 4.2: Waste & Energy

We sustain resources for future generations by reducing consumption, minimizing waste and using less energy.

Objective 4.3: Natural Resources

The City restores and protects land, water, air and other natural resources.

Objective 4.4: Infrastructure

We manage and improve the city's infrastructure for current and future needs.

Objective 4.5: Streets, Spaces & Buildings

Iconic, inviting streets, spaces and buildings create a sense of place.

Objective 4.6: Growth & Diversity

We welcome our growing and diversifying population with thoughtful planning and design.

Goal 5: Operations & Connections

Ensure that city government runs well and connects to the community it serves.


5.1: Values & Actions

5.2: Workforce & Resources

5.3: Collaboration

5.4: Operations

5.5: Public Trust

5.6: Taxes & Finances

Other Information:

A City that works: City government runs well and connects to the community it serves.

Objective 5.1: Values & Actions

Decisions bring City values to life and put City goals into action.

Objective 5.2: Workforce & Resources

Engaged and talented employees reflect our community, have the resources they need to succeed and are empowered to improve our efficiency and effectiveness.

Objective 5.3: Collaboration

Departments work seamlessly and strategically with each other and with the community.

Objective 5.4: Operations

City operations are efficient, effective, results driven and customer focused.

Objective 5.5: Public Trust

Transparency, accountability and ethics establish public trust.

Objective 5.6: Taxes & Finances

Responsible tax policy and sound financial management provide short-term stability and long-term fiscal health.