About the Coalition


About the Coalition

The coalition will bring together for-profit and non-profit organizations to inform Congress, the executive branch, and the public about the benefits of using consistent electronic formats for all types of information generated, collected, or mandated by the government.


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Data Transparency Coalition
The Data Transparency Coalition is a membership-based trade association that brings together companies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals. The Coalition is managed by a board of directors representing its Executive Members and steered by a board of advisors. The Coalition is registered as a nonprofit corporation in the District of Columbia and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.


The Executive Branch
For-Profit Organizations
Non-Profit Organizations
The Public
DTC Board of Directors
Craig Clay
RR Donnelley
Tim Day
Jonathan Elliott
Research Data Group and RDG Filings
Donald McCrory
Bryce Pippert
Booz Allen Hamilton
J.W. Mike Starr
Vasan Thatham
DTC Board of Advisors
Advisors of the Data Transparency Coalition
Mike Atkin
Enterprise Data Management Council
Greg Bateman
Microsoft Federal
Phil Bond
Bond & Associates
Gila J. Bronner
Bronner Group, LLC
Geoff Davis
Republic Consulting, LLC
Earl Devaney
The Devaney Group
Eric Gillespie
Dick Greg
H. J. Steininger PLLC
Joel Gurin
The Center for Open Data Enterprise
Jim Harper
Cato Institute
Ken Melero
Miriam Nisbet
Former director of the Office of Government Information Services
Bryce Pippert
Booz Allen Hamilton
Campbell Pryde
Robert Shea
Grant Thornton
Dr. Richard Mark Soley
DTC Staff
Coalition Staff and Consultants
Hudson Hollister
Executive Director -- Hudson Hollister is the founder and Executive Director of the Data Transparency Coalition. Prior to founding the Data Transparency Coalition, he served as counsel to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform of the U.S. House of Representatives and as an attorney fellow in the Office of Interactive Disclosure at the Securities and Exchange Commission. Before his government service, he was a securities litigator in the Chicago office of Latham & Watkins LLP.
Stephanie Craig
Communications Director -- Stephanie Craig serves as the Communications Director for the Data Transparency Coalition. Stephanie has an accomplished career in political communications with a focus on the technology and telecommunications industry. She has served members of the U.S. Senate and House as well as the Canadian House of Commons and Senate. She is a graduate of the University of North Dakota and received her Master’s degree from George Washington University.
Justin Duncan
Policy Associate -- Justin Duncan is a Policy Associate at the Data Transparency Coalition. Justin works closely with the Coalition’s policy team on data transparency issues in federal spending and federal financial regulation. He also focuses on expanding the Coalition’s open data policy efforts into other federal, state, and local government domains. Prior to joining the Coalition, Justin completed internships at the Center for Effective Government and the U.S. House of Representatives. Justin is a graduate of Illinois State University with a bachelor’s degree in political science.
Sarah Joy Hays
Membership Services and Programming Director -- Sarah Joy Hays began working with the Coalition as a consultant May of 2013. After a successful DT2013, she began full time work with the Coalition. Along side Hudson, Sarah Joy helped grow membership, cultivate the existing members, as well as coordinate the events and programs produced by the Data Transparency Coalition. Sarah Joy is a graduate of Louisiana State University and brings a background of non-profit management, conference planning, and development to her role as Member Services and Programming Director.
Nick Jeffress
Development Director -- Nick Jeffress is the Development Director for the Data Transparency Coalition. Nick works closely with the leadership and Board of Advisors to grow the Coalition, and is the primary point of contact for prospective new members, both individual and corporate. Prior to joining the Coalition, Nick was a successful political and non-profit consultant, working primarily on fundraising and financial management of small to mid-size organizations. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech and an active triathlete.
John Runyan
Treasurer -- John Runyan is the President and founder of Runyan Public Affairs, an independent government relations firm and serves as the Treasurer of the Data Transparency Coalition. John has worked at the intersection of business, government and politics for more than 25 years. He has helped organizations of every size address both legislative and regulatory challenges and successfully advance their public policy agendas regardless of the partisan climate or party control in Washington. Success in Washington requires more than a few well-timed meetings on Capitol Hill. RPA was organized to help clients develop a broader effort that focuses their constituent and grassroots resources, recruits key allies and coalition partners and builds a sustainable public policy effort that can achieve long-term success. John Runyan has demonstrated outstanding leadership in all facets of the government relations profession. He has managed the federal government relations lobbying team for a Fortune 100 global corporation, developed and managed both corporate and association political action committees, played leadership roles in major multi-industry business coalitions and chaired the business community’s largest grassroots and voter education program. John enjoys a solid reputation on Capitol Hill and among business and NGO leaders throughout Washington.
DTC Members
Coalition Members
Executive Member
Research Data Group
Executive Member
RR Donnelley
Executive Member
Executive Member
Executive Member
Booz Allen Hamilton
Partner Member
Data Tracks
Partner Member
Partner Member
Regular Member
BackOffice Associates
Regular Member
The Center for Organizational Excellence
Regular Member
Regular Member
Elder Research, Inc.
Regular Member
Global IDs
Regular Member
Information Builders
Regular Member
Regular Member
Level One Technologies
Regular Member
PR Newswire
Regular Member
Regular Member
StreamLink Software
Regular Member
Regular Member
Regular Member
Regular Member
3 Round Stones
Startup Member
C: Next Generation Financial Data Tools
Startup Member
Startup Member
Startup Member
Startup Member
Startup Member
Startup Member
Startup Member
Trade Association Member
DTC Individual Members
Ryan Alfred
Individual Member -- BrightScope
Aneet Kumar
Individual Member -- EZ-XBRL
Gila Bronner
Individual Member -- Bronner Group
Ann Rutledge
Individual Member -- R&R Consulting
Helen Xing
Individual Member -- Tableau Software
Anne Bini
Individual Member -- Invoke
Eric Hopkins
Individual Member -- Federal Filings
Herschel Chandler
Individual Member -- IUI
Rob Korinke
Individual Member -- Grassroots Lab
Rob Korinke
Individual Member -- Grassroots Lab
Dan Greening
Individual Member -- Tableau Software
Oscar Hackett
Individual Member -- BrightScope
Adam Glass
Individual Member
Joseph Kull
Individual Member -- PwC
Francis Burns
Individual Member -- SC&H
Christine Carmichael
Individual Member -- Tableau Software
Ron Lord
Individual Member -- CompSci Resources
Shannon Copeland
Individual Member -- Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young LLP
Russell Perkins
Individual Member -- InfoCommerce Group
Maryland Association of CPAs
Individual Member


Publication of government information as standardized, machine-readable data.


The Data Transparency Coalition advocates on behalf of the private sector and the public interest for the publication of government information as standardized, machine-readable data.


Data Standards
We believe governments should adopt non-proprietary data standards for the information they generate or collect, and publish such information as machine-readable data, especially with regard to their spending, regulatory, legislative, and judicial activity.
The transformation of public information generated and received by governments from disconnected documents into interoperable open data will:
Strengthen democratic accountability by making public data more accessible for citizens and watchdogs;
Enhance government management by improving data sharing and analytics capabilities;
Data Sharing
Reduce compliance costs by automating reporting processes.
Cost Reduction
Data transparency also stimulates tech-sector innovation and creates jobs.
The Data Transparency Coalition has been formed to serve as a leading voice for the publication of standardized federal data.


Goal 1: Advocacy

Advocate legislative and regulatory mandates for data standardization and publication


Regulatory Agencies

Goal 2: Education

Educate government leaders, private-sector innovators, and the public on the benefits of data transparency


Government Leaders
Private-Sector Innovators
The Public

Goal 3: Policy & Technology

Convene stakeholders to collaboratively design policies and build technology solutions that will drive the data transparency transformation.